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We employ an up-to-date, and fully trained in-house SolidWorks design team to make your ideas a reality. This eliminates costly prototyping through simulations and allows us to provide our customers with designed models and visuals, thus reflecting fast and accurate quotes.

Laser Cutting



With two new Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Systems, we can deliver high precision parts in a very timely manner. Our cutting size capacity is 157" X 78", and our machines can cut most material types including brass and copper. Thickness capacity includes 1.25" mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.




We can form your complex parts with absolute precision to their respective profile. New technology in material thickness compensation allows us to form consistently uniform parts while running production. We have a 12' forming capacity up to 250 tons.




By utilizing a 4 - roll machine, we can achieve numerous geometric shapes in a single pass. We can pre-bend your parts to eliminate flat edges and produce more accurate results.   




We can cut any materials in tube, pipe, angles and channels. Our cut capacities are 18" bundle sizes and 20" round. High tolerances can be achieved by using our automated material shuttle system.