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About us

For the past 25 years, our plant has provided companies across North America with quality parts and services. Our unique employee-owned manufacturing structure supports and promotes better efficiency, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. Every employee cares deeply about their workmanship, the company's performance, and most importantly, the customer.


As we continue to specialize in high-production workflows, our utmost goal will continue to be delivering outstanding customer service.


We are dedicated to empowering and serving our community, customers, and team members in a way that reflects our communal and Kingdom values.


We continuously seek opportunities to build mutually beneficial partnerships with people and organizations in the wider manufacturing community.


We want to provide team members with opportunities to grow professionally, which is important to us. This includes equipping them with the necessary skills to carry out their roles successfully and adapting to changes effectively, strategically, and sustainably.



We want to provide team members with the necessary guidance, support, and resources to work together for the common good.


We strive to create an awareness of ethical business practices so that business decisions, interactions, and transactions at all levels are carried out in an honorable manner.


We want to empower team members to build relationships within OCFab and the wider community, including customers, suppliers, and distributors.

Safe Work


We are working to create a safe space in which ALL team members thrive.

Our Core Values

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