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Our trained designers have experience creating physical products as well as virtual, ensuring that you get a design that's both useful and intuitive for manufacturing and use.


 by us

With a wide range of in-house capabilities, we are in control of every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring an efficient, high-quality, and timely product turnaround.


 by us

With numerous paint colors always in stock and 100's more available from our suppliers, you can choose any color to complete your product with a smooth, durable powder coated finish.


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With our own delivery fleet, we can control the freight costs and lead-times for your shipments. By utilizing the latest software, we can track our deliveries and provide you with real-time updates.


About Us

OCFab has been supplying companies all over North America for nearly 25 years with quality parts and services. Because we offer a start-to-finish production process, you can bring your entire project to life through our plant!


It is our goal to deliver quality parts in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction. We are constantly investing in the latest technology to keep up with the fast-paced changes and demands of the industry.

To get a free quote for your parts or projects, please contact us!

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