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Why Choose Powder Coating?

By providing this finishing solution, we can offer and provide you with various flexible options and processes, allowing us to meet your specific expectations. We offer the following services.

Free Quotes and Estimates

Simply contact or email your information and inquiries to for your free quote or any questions you have about powder coating.



System Specifications

Our plant has a maximum of 10' (high) x 10' (wide) by 24' (length) part size capacity.




We offer in-house sandblasting services upon customer request, or if metal services are rusted.



5 Stage Wash

Whether parts are blasted or not, they will go through a 5-stage washing process to ensure that all oils, chemicals, and minerals are removed from the part(s) surface. This ensures a high-quality finish.




Primers are optional. They are usually applied before the top coat for a higher quality and durable finish. Primers on blasted metal are in most cases recommended.



Top Coats

We have over 70 shades always stocked- Candy Colours, Textured, Metallic, and other special effects. We can also order any custom colors from our suppliers.



Clear Coats

Certain types of powders require a clear coat for added protection and enhance cosmetics.




Parts are carefully packaged with foam and cardboard materials to help prevent any shipping damages.




We have our own trucks and trailers for freight if the customer requests us to do the delivery.

Colors and Textures

We'll provide you with any color or texture that you want for your project. Our plant carries and stocks over 70 shades of color at any time, and there are thousands more available!

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